Saturday, 30 October 2010

Attack on Minibar

Hodajuci ulicom, naleteh na ovu knjigu... i da... otvorio sam i nalog na mixcloudu...

Ovde je adresa

Muzika je deep house sa finim harmonijama i funk linijama.

MIX 1 - Tracklist

1. Yesterday is Dead and Gone - Alex Agore

2. Keep Up (Original Mix) - Motor City Drum Ensemble

3. Make Me Free (Original Mix) - Marcello Napoletano

4. Truth Be Told ( Boogie Rapture Remix) - Nathan G.

5. New York Tale - Orlando B.

6. Rising Up (Soul Minority Remix) - Ferry Ultra feat. Ann Sexton

7. Blink (Metodi Hristov Remix) - Fapples

8. In Love (Original Mix) - Giom

9. Go Back - Pedersen

10. Clouds Across The Moon (Neuroxyde meets Aki Bergen Dub-O-Matic) - Rah Band

11. Underground Railroad - Sascha Dive

12. Drenched (Original Mix) - Kruse & Nuerenberg

13. Niente (Original Mix) - Andre Torquato Project

MIX 2 - Tracklist

1. Precious - Tony Lionni feat. Marvin Belton

2. Supasta (Main Mix) - Imaani Brown

3. Those Eyes - Ethyl & Flori

4.Cosmogony (Nagano Milky Way Dub) - Hideo Kobayashi

5. Three - AtJazz and Christo

6. Rawls - Iron Curtis

7. Beautiful Liars - Milton Jackson

8. Manaus Madness (Marek Hemmann Remix) - Gunnar Stiller

9. Nunavut ( Nivek Tsoy Remix) - Sebastian Davidson

10. Clear My Mind (Aki Bergen Remix) - Johnnydangerous

11. That Philosophy Track (Mihail Popoviciu Remix) - Sasse & Phonogenic

12. Lowkick (Original Mix) - Daniel Melhart

13. Kuar (Henrik Schwartz Remix) - Emmanuel Jal

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Soulful House Journey 4

Soulful House Journey 4 by Coba

Oh hell... Long time since the last post... Well, I was very busy. That is the problem with blogging - if you don't have enough time - you'll end up like me - posting rarely and losing the momentum of the web. But as Roy would say - Bye! Here is also his latest, Positive vibe, in the mix, so enjoy.
It is posted on soundcloud... I hope this will work better...


1. Remeber Me (Mojazz and Bacanito ft Rico Delargo Soul on Sole mix) - DeepCity Soul feat Rainy Paine

2. Hanging On (Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix) - Ananda Project

3. I Love You (Jose Carretas Remix) - Doruk Ozlen feat. Racquel Dwyer

4. Satisfied (Deep Groove Mix) - John Oudo feat. Nicole Smith

5. Truth (Bertrand Dupart Full Of Soul Mix) - Mark De Clive Love pres. Sy Smith

6. We Lift Our Hands In The Sanctuary (Muthafunkaz Remix) - DJ Oji & Una

7. Never Quite The Same (Neil Pearce Remix) - Hippie Torrales feat. Rosie Gaines

8. Lose My Worries (Roberto De Carlo Classic Mix) - Inaya Day & Ralf Gum

9. Work It (Dave Mayer Remix) - Muzzaik feat Zaida

10. All This Love That I'm Givivng (Sean McCabe Love Groove) - Belezamusica

11. Positive Vibe (Andy Ward Sunshine Mix) - Roy Ayers & Bah Samba

12. A Reason To Love (DJ Spen Extended Mix) - DJ Spen & Muthafunkaz

13. Time Me (Original Mix) - Matthew Bandy feat Venus Cruz