Saturday, 31 July 2010

Minibar Soulful Recipe

Minibar is the clubnight that is running its fourth year already and delivering quality dance music. What it is? Everybody's got it's own idea. The stuff I am posting is quality.


1. Peace (Ezel's Mix) - Marcus Schooler

2. Each & Every Day Pt.1 (Underground Mix) - Jerk House Connection

3. Messages (Marcelo Cruznjazz Mix) - Joe Rizla

4. My House (Original Mix) - DJ Aphreme

5. I Believe In You (Hmida Jazz Mix) - Melchyor A and Kristaa Williams

6. Breaking New (Miles Borrero Remix) - Lefthander feat. Pouyah

7. I Apologize (Ezel's remix) - Oveous Maximus

8. Praia - Rhythm of Element

9. Never Forget (Ralf Gum Vocal) - Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua

10. Dangerous Girl - Franck Roger Prouctions

11. Tonight's the Night (Muthafunkaz Remix) - Marc Evans

12. Sun's Departure (DJ Spinna Funktech Mix) - P'taah


Friday, 30 July 2010

Mini Soul

Mini Soul is a new clubnight from SHJ delivering smooth and sexy house music with soul, attitude and musical bravura. And you can dance, submerge and travel to it since SHJ is all about journey into universe of quality music.

Tomorrow new old mix - Minibar Soulful Recipe.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Soulful House Journey Vol. 3

Going deeper into the frisky soulful sounds again! Little bit of gospel choirs, loud singing and beautiful layers of keyboard sounds can make this summer even hotter than it is...
Thanks to Ana K. for this great pic.


1. Pressure (Abicah Soul Pressure Mix) - Mr Cee

2. Million To One (Fillin Brake Deepah Cut Mix) - Sandy Spady

3. Get Up - Jonny Montana and Craig Stewart Remix) - DJ Le Roi & Ray Jones feat Pierre Picard

4. When the Morning Comes (Phil Asher's Restless Soul Mix) - Alton Miller & Amp Fiddler

5. Tonight's The Night (Original Mix) - Mark De Clive-Lowe feat Jody Watley

6. Talk To Me (Original Mix) - Lawnchair Generals & Alexander East

7. Rejoyce (Sean McCabe Vocal Mix) - Sakura & Co. feat Sharon Brown Adams

8. It Will Be (Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix) - Reel People feat Tony Momrelle

9. I Don't Need You (Vocal Mix) - John Oudo feat Nicole Mitchell

10. No Words To Say - Clemens Rumpf & David A. Tobin

11. Plastic People (Louie Vega Roots Blues Mix) - Anane

12. Old Landmark (Animal House Alternative Mix) - The Djoon Experience feat Kenny Bobien


Monday, 26 July 2010

Soulful House Journey Vol. 2

The Downtown selection of SHJ is here! Since I have few mixes in the pipeline I will fill this space quite often now.


1. Don't Nobody (Hot Toddy Remix) - Fred Everything feat N'Dea Davenport

2. I Know You I Live You (Joey Negro Mix/Grant Nelson ReVisit) - Yolanda Wyns

3. Stella In The Starlight (Original Mix) - Giano

4. Circle Of Life - Margaret Grace

5. Srpead Love (Richard Earnshaw\s People's Classic Mix) - Cookie Monsterz

6. Miss Me (Original Mix) - Jack & Jerk

7. No More Mind Games (Original Version) - K.Dope & Terry Hunter pres Mass Destruction feat Byron Stingly

8. Body Music (Mark Grant's Blackstone Remix) - Souldynamic feat LT Brown

9. Call It Done (Original Mix) - Danny Clark & Jay Benham feay Andrea Love

10. My Story (Ralf Gum Organic Mix) - Zano

11. Late At Night (Main Mix) - Copyright pres One Track Mind feat Lisa Millet

12. So Beautiful - Dennis Ferrer


Sunday, 25 July 2010

You're So Right For Me

Disco all-over! It is kinda tricky to mix disco classics since the beats can overlap no matter how accurate you are in the mix. No matter! The power of these songs is bigger than any mixing technique. :) For the beginning, we got super house classic Bad Habit, slower than current version in the clubland but in a funkier vein. Patrick Adams and Bumble Bee with massive break that can be seen as where house music took inspiration from. Hm, just that one? I believe all of these songs are true inspiration for today's artists and can give some new directions to those who are trying to find their way in a huge quantity of songs, styles and moods. N-Joi!


1. Bad Habits (Jellybean mix) - Jenny Burton

2. I GotA Big Bee (Original demo ) - Bumble Bee Orchestra

3. Moments Of My Life - Inner Life feat Jocelyn Brown

4. Rapture (Extended Mix) - Blondie

5. Love Hangover - Touch

6. Come Back Lover - Fresh Band

7. You're So Right For Me - Eastside Connection

8. I Like What You Doing to Me - Young & Co.

9. Groovin' With You - Saturday Night Band

10. Keep The Fire Burning (12'' Mix) - Gwen McCrae

11. Everybody Party (Get Down) (Re edit) - The Firebolts

12. Touch Me In The Morning - Marlena Shaw

13. Begining Of The End - Le Pamplemousse

14. Coccomotion - El Coco

15. Let Somebody Love - Keni Burke


Friday, 23 July 2010

Full Vokkal Attak Vol.2

Some of the friends as Georg and fantastic artists that I appreciate so so much. Mr Asher, John Oudo is an excitement with every record he pulls out and Ralf Gum, smooth and silky (not the Zohan way) plus almighty Spen and GJs... Alex Finkin,... I mean, these guys really kicks ass! My favorite singer is in this mix too - Mr AJ!

This one's from Dec 09


1. The Better Life (Restless Soul Vocal Mix) - George Levin

2. Little W12th St. (Ralf Gum Main Mix) - Ralf Gum and Monique Bingham

3. I Believe (Roed Svensk Classic Mix) - Musol and Centarl Avenue

4. Wake Up ( Johm Crockett Remix) - Arnold Jarvis & DJN Project

5. Which Way Do We Go? (Jon Cutler's Original Demo Mix) - Jon Cutler feat. Jillian

6. Conqueror (Original Mix) - Danny Clark & Jay Benham feat Dawn Tallman

7. Gone Away (Animal House Club Mix) - Alex Finkin & Reverend P feat. Jocelyn Mathieu

8. All By Myself (Spen's MuthaFunkin Vocal Mix) - DJ Spen pres. LaShay

9. You Love House (GJ's Main Mix) - Groove Junkies feat. Chappell

10. Gotta Keep Movin' On (Main Mix) - AphroDisiax feat. Tasita D'Amour

11. The Music (Blacksoul Oldskool Reconstruction) - Baggi Begovic VS Groovenatics

12. A Little More Love (Main Vocal Mix) - Sean McCabe feat. Adeola Ranson


Full Vokkal Attak Vol. 1

This one is from last august/september but what I like in this music is that it has no time constraint or any limits... It is kinda timeless. It is great quality. There are 5 of FVAttaks to be uploaded soon.


1. Push It (Hernan Cronner's Soulcom Remix) - Sterling Ensemble feat. Carlene Graham

2. Summer In Greece (Abicah Soul Tech'n'Greece Mix) - ChrisIDH & zOGRi feat. Amera Light

3. Insatiable (Soletek Reel Deep Mix South Africa) - Miamik (Llorca)

4. All About Love (Ralf Gum Classic Main Mix) - Knee Deep feat. Cathy Batistessa

5. Trippin' On Your Love (Louis Benedetti's Classic Vox) - Aaron Ross pres. Rain People feat. Marcus Begg

6. If We Could Fly (Dennis Ferrer Get Away Mix) - Soul Dhamma feat. Donni

7. Handle It (Scott Wozniak Rmx) - Tarantulaz

8. Shady Clouds (Guy Robin Club Mix) - Jellybean feat. Pepper

9. We're Gonna Make It (Muthafunkaz Spiritually Sound Remix) - Michelle Weeks & Dawn Tallman feat. Laquana Jones

10. Love Alive (Husky's Random Soul House Mix) - Jay J with Charlene Moore

11. Let Ur Spirit Go (Souldynamic Remix) - Born To Funk

12. Let The Love (Soul Tornadoes Remix) - Bennson


Sophisticado Vol. 1

Vick Lavender is one of my favourite producers and his Sophisticado recordings is one of the best labels today publishing deep and soulful vibes from Chicago! This mix selection is pure pleasure!


1. I Love It (Vick Lavender's All Soul rework Mix) - BTSC feat. J.L.

2. Stripped Down (Jazz Funk Mix) - Vick Lavender

3. Superwoman (The V.L. Trumpet Dub) - Vick Lavender feat. Michelle Thomas

4. The Voyager (V.L. Chicago Fusion Mix) - Vick Lavender

5. The Chicago Chase A Tribute to Fred Hampton - Vick Lavender

6. Take Me With You (Extended Vocal Mix) - Vick Lavender with Tiffany and Lafayette

7. Send For Me (DJ Boxx Peaktime Mix) - Vick Lavender feat. Carla Prather

8. Superwoman (Dee Jay Cease I4 Soul Mix) - Vick Lavender feat. Michelle Thomas

9. Do For Love (Dee Jay Cease 4 Soul Peaktime Mix) - Vick Lavender feat. R.J. Green

10. Nasty Bitch (Vick Lavender Mix) - Terry Hunter feat Celeste Alexander


Thursday, 22 July 2010

Soulful House Journey VOL.1

This is The 1st mix posted here!


If you dig this - Enjoy!


1. So Lonely (Abicah Soul Master Vocal Mix) - Vick Lavender feat Nicole Mitchell

2. Phenomenal Woman (Main Mix) - Imaani Brown

3. Me (Jonny Montana) - Jannae Joradan

4. Pride (Yoruba Soul Mix) - Osunlade pres Nadirah Shakoor

5. Get Loose (DJ Reeplee 41 St Remix) - DJ Reeplee feat Miles Sherman

6. Someone (Vocal) - Phil Asher and Kai Alce feat Kayenne

7. Is It the Way (Mel & K's Original Vox) - Melchyor A & Keith Thompson

8. Thank You (Doruk Ozlen Vocal Mix) - The Layabouts & Pete Simpson

9. Time Is Now (Groove Assasin Remix) - Lips

10. Found Myself (Lovestar Vox) - Ian Friday feat Chris Rob

11. Little Bird (Vocal Mix) - Matthew Bandy & Aphrodisiax

12. Reach Inside (Sean McCabe Vocal Mix) - Bah Samba


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