Sunday, 25 July 2010

You're So Right For Me

Disco all-over! It is kinda tricky to mix disco classics since the beats can overlap no matter how accurate you are in the mix. No matter! The power of these songs is bigger than any mixing technique. :) For the beginning, we got super house classic Bad Habit, slower than current version in the clubland but in a funkier vein. Patrick Adams and Bumble Bee with massive break that can be seen as where house music took inspiration from. Hm, just that one? I believe all of these songs are true inspiration for today's artists and can give some new directions to those who are trying to find their way in a huge quantity of songs, styles and moods. N-Joi!


1. Bad Habits (Jellybean mix) - Jenny Burton

2. I GotA Big Bee (Original demo ) - Bumble Bee Orchestra

3. Moments Of My Life - Inner Life feat Jocelyn Brown

4. Rapture (Extended Mix) - Blondie

5. Love Hangover - Touch

6. Come Back Lover - Fresh Band

7. You're So Right For Me - Eastside Connection

8. I Like What You Doing to Me - Young & Co.

9. Groovin' With You - Saturday Night Band

10. Keep The Fire Burning (12'' Mix) - Gwen McCrae

11. Everybody Party (Get Down) (Re edit) - The Firebolts

12. Touch Me In The Morning - Marlena Shaw

13. Begining Of The End - Le Pamplemousse

14. Coccomotion - El Coco

15. Let Somebody Love - Keni Burke


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