Friday, 23 July 2010

Full Vokkal Attak Vol.2

Some of the friends as Georg and fantastic artists that I appreciate so so much. Mr Asher, John Oudo is an excitement with every record he pulls out and Ralf Gum, smooth and silky (not the Zohan way) plus almighty Spen and GJs... Alex Finkin,... I mean, these guys really kicks ass! My favorite singer is in this mix too - Mr AJ!

This one's from Dec 09


1. The Better Life (Restless Soul Vocal Mix) - George Levin

2. Little W12th St. (Ralf Gum Main Mix) - Ralf Gum and Monique Bingham

3. I Believe (Roed Svensk Classic Mix) - Musol and Centarl Avenue

4. Wake Up ( Johm Crockett Remix) - Arnold Jarvis & DJN Project

5. Which Way Do We Go? (Jon Cutler's Original Demo Mix) - Jon Cutler feat. Jillian

6. Conqueror (Original Mix) - Danny Clark & Jay Benham feat Dawn Tallman

7. Gone Away (Animal House Club Mix) - Alex Finkin & Reverend P feat. Jocelyn Mathieu

8. All By Myself (Spen's MuthaFunkin Vocal Mix) - DJ Spen pres. LaShay

9. You Love House (GJ's Main Mix) - Groove Junkies feat. Chappell

10. Gotta Keep Movin' On (Main Mix) - AphroDisiax feat. Tasita D'Amour

11. The Music (Blacksoul Oldskool Reconstruction) - Baggi Begovic VS Groovenatics

12. A Little More Love (Main Vocal Mix) - Sean McCabe feat. Adeola Ranson


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