Thursday, 8 September 2011


1. Summer In The City - Quincy Jones
2. Summer Samba - Keisuke Egusa
3. Summertime Funk - Fatback Band
4. Summertime - Allen Hoist
5. Heavy On Summers Vibe - Camelle Hinds
6. Summer of 42 - Gill Scott Heron and Brian Jackson
7. Live In the Summer - Bah Samba
8. Summertime - Dusko Goykovic and International Jazz Orchestra
9. Summer Heat - Upskiboo
10. Summer Grooves - Mirage
11. All On A Summer's Night - Grace Jones
12. Summer Sun - Koop feat. Yukimi Nagano
13. Summer Madness - Jerald Daemyon
14. My Sweet Summer Suite - Love Unlimited Orchestra
15. Summertime - Juan Amalbert's Latin Jazz Orchestra

I just felt I wanted to pick up some of the tracks with Summer in the title. It came out that they also have summer deep in the vibe. Pure classic from The Dude is really hot summer's afternoon on a burning concrete with a laaazy feeling of goodness al-around. Keisuke is here with another classic, this time it's a beach... Wherever you want to have it... Fatback is doing dance floor justice with this one while one of Gershwin's Summertime versions from this mix-tape is made by Oh-So-Gifted Allen Hoist and his marvelous vocal talent. California sun soaked album by Camelle Hinds is giving us this beautiful summer-at-the-ocean trip. Summer's are not just fun and sun and here is Gill Scott Heron to prove, RIP. Bah Samba in their Live In The Summer 2-step contemporary monster are here to bring the fun back. One of the greatest trumpet players ever Mr Goykovich is showing and slowing The Summertime, really another dimension in music. Upskiboo is bringing the beat back in this funky little gem. Two classic disco sounding pieces are showing the club and sex and feeling good vibe essential to the season. Koop made an modern classic with this song showing the beauty of Miss Nagano's voice in full effect. Kool and the Gang made this original but Mr Daemyon and great Masters at Work have twisted and turned it into a dancing monster. I can still remember myself on the beach holding the bottle of Sol and going mental to this one - awesome! Love Unlimited with their inimitable sound are just close to round up this compilation while third and absolutely different, from previous two, take on Summertime is here to give well deserved end to this mix. Enjoy!! The next one is all about sunshine...

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